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Therapy & The Corona Virus

Therapy & The Corona Virus

Due to the Corona Virus, we offer secure on-line face-to-face or telephone counselling services. Our promise is that we will never make you wait 3 months to see someone. Just click on a link to book a low-cost therapy session.

The Prime minister announced that we all should avoid unnecessary travel and work from home. You may be concerned about how that may apply to you in regards to your counselling sessions. All counselling sessions will now be held online with your counselor.

You have to make sure that :

  • For one hour you are not disturbed.
  • You’re in a safe, secure, and private place.
  • You have access to secure telecommunication’s device

You will receive an appointment by email inviting you to confirm a google calendar appointment that will be held on Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts is a secure end to end encrypted service. All terms and conditions for therapy still apply to protect your consumer rights.


Corona Virus